Question : Do I need a visa to go to India
Answer : Yes, all foreigners except for nationals of Nepal and Bhutan need a visa to enter India.

Question : What currency is used in India?
Answer : The local currency Indian Rupees (INR) is used in India.

Question : Are credit cards accepted in India? If not, what kind of currencies should I bring?
Answer : Yes, all major credit cards, such as Amex, Visa and Master are accepted in hotels, restaurants and big shops in India. You can easily bring any commonly used currency (like USD, Euros, AUD, NZD, UAE Dirham, etc.) and get it exchanged in India through your travel agent, Govt. Approved Money exchangers, counters at airport or banks.

Question : How much money should I bring for within country travel?
Answer : You should bring money depending on your length and duration of stay. Also depends on which part of country you are traveling. It is advisable to consult your travel agent with regards to this. If your package is prepaid then you need less money and vice versa, so please take your agent’s expert advice on this.

Question : As first time travelers in India, what should I keep in mind?
Answer : As first time travelers you should keep the contact number, address, mail ids and travel document of your travel agent (Local & of your country) safe with you. Please make sure that you have at least 1 copy of all travel documents including your passport and visa in all the bags you carry.

Question : How can I book a tour to India?
Answer : We suggest you to see various itineraries on our website and email us to book any one or multiple of them. If you are not sure then just let us know the number of days you have, how many people are travelling, dates and your rough budget. We will plan it for you. We’ll provide all information you need. Email us: info.merrygo@gmail.com

Question : What if I want to make my own tour instead of mentioned tours on your website?
Answer : You can just go here: DESIGN YOUR TOUR or EMAIL US / CONTACT US with your ideas and specify the places you want to visit along with number of people traveling, dates and a rough budget. We would be glad to help you design your holidays - "YOUR WAY"



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